Gas delivered to your home or business

Our qualified gas technicians can handle all aspects of gas supply and installation. We work both residentially and commercially providing a range of services.

Residential Services:

Exchange Delivery Days:

1st Monday of the Month:

Boonooroo, Tuan, Maaroom, Poona

Monday Weekly:


Tuesday Weekly:

Aldershot, Howard, Torbanlea, Burrum Heads, Burrum River, Burrum Town, Pacific Haven & Duckinwilla

Tuesday Fortnightly:

Toogoom, Takura & Beelbi Creek


Maryborough areas, including Newtown, Fairfield, Audinville, St Helens, Island Plantation, Dundathu & Susan River

Thursday Weekly:

Mungar, Yerra, Yengarie, Oakhurst, Pangola Downs, Dunmora, Maryborough West & Gayndah Rd

Thursday Fortnightly:

Owanyilla, Tiaro, Pioneers Rest & surrounding areas

Thursday Monthly:

Bauple, Tallagalla & Gootchie


Local Areas including Baddow, Pocket, Little Tinana, Granville & Walkers Point

Friday Fortnightly:

Bidwill (anyone after 300 Bidwill Rd), Magnolia & The Diamonds.

Attention Customers: Our driver carries spare cylinders however we cannot guarantee delivery on your day without 24 hours notice.

Commercial Services:

Commercial Services: