continuous flow hot water systems only heat the water you need, so you will never run out of hot water. That means that the entire household can shower Consecutively without anybody enduring a cold shower!

Continuous flow hot water systems are more compact in size that traditional hot water storage units. This allows them to be easily mounted outside, or alternatively, the internal systems can be conveniently installed in a cupboard (subject to airflow requirements).

Electronic continuous flow systems can also provide you with a precise temperature adjustment feature through the use of a temperature controller, giving parents added peace of mind for their children.

Bosch Electronic Highflow units are compact, space-saving and easy to install. The Highflow range is designed for maximum energy efficiency and environmental protection, providing a minimum of 5.5+ star performance rating. With a Bosch Highflow you are ensured endless hot water while saving money and caring for the environment.

Rinnai has an extensive range of hot water units and cater for both domestic and commercial applications. Each range has specific and unique benefits

Rinnai Infinity

These units are a continuous flow unit, which only heats when it is needed, The Rinnai

Infinity heats water as it passes through it, meaning you only use energy when you turn your hot water tap on, making this system and efficient choice on hot water, compared to a standard storage unit which acts like a kettle and heats water all day long. Rinnai Infinity have a 5 Plus Star Rating.

Rinnai Solar Systems

Solar Systems utilise the energy from the sun to pre-heat the water, therefore benefiting the household with low running costs and low greenhouse emissions. Rinnai have two models available 1 st Close Coupled roof and 2 nd Split ground mounted system.

Rinnai Electric Systems

Rinnai Hotflo Vitreous enamel electric tanks are available in various storage capacities ranging from a compact 40lt right up to a massive 315lt model. Rinnai also have a complete range of element sizes minimizing changeover costs. Rinnai have introduced a new compact 40lt and one of the slimmest 200lt tanks available on the market, there 40lt is ideal for under bench installations as it had been designed to fit perfectly, eliminating the need to modify surrounding structures.

The tall slimline shape of the 200lt tank is perfect for changeover installations where space is at a premium. Rinnai's range capacities have been designed to suit the changing water usage patterns of Australian homes.

People are using less water, so why pay to heat excess water that will not be used.

Features of Rinnai Hotflow Electric Hot Water Units are available in 7 sizes, 5 year warranty,

Vitreous Enamel Lined Storage Tank, for added durability for longer life, Anode protection that extends the life of the tank, Dual handed water connections on both sides of tank which allows increased flexibility of installation options, Suitable for Internal and External use, High Density Expanded Polyurethane Foam Insulation for reduced running costs, Pressure Limiting Valve which reduces energy and water consumption, thermostatically Controlled with safety Temperature Shut off for added safety and peace of mind, and most of all Sturdy Corrosion Resistant Outer case designed for our harsh Australian conditions.

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